Faculty & Staff Directory

Name Position Phone
Martha Marking Co-Chair 828-262-6377
Andrea Mitchell Co-Chair 828-262-3045

University College

Name Position Phone
Sonya Long Administrative Support 828-262-7660
Mike Mayfield Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education 828-262-7660
David Taylor University College Development and Advancement 828-262-6721


Name Position Phone
Holly Ambler Academic Advisor 828-262-7746
Christine Anderson Academic Advisor 828-262-8843
Michelle Bowers Academic Advisor 828-262-8149
Brenda Combs Administrative Support 828-262-2167
Nikki Crees Orientation Director 828-262-3870
Donna Devereux Academic Advisor 828-262-3871
Kim Garn Academic Advisor 828-262-6984
Marcia Gaskill Academic Advisor 828-262-6027
Bob Gibbard Academic Advisor 828-262-3039
Denise Goetz Academic Advisor 828-262-8860
April Graham Academic Advisor 828-262-3872
Jane Greene Academic Advisor 828-262-3874
Kathy Henson Academic Advisor 828-262-3875
Anna Keber Academic Advisor 828-262-2167
Danna Lyons Records 828-262-6985
Clinton Marsh Orientation Assistant Director 828-262-3876
Misty Mayfield Academic Advisor 828-262-2511
Laura Newmark Academic Advisor 828-262-6983
Don Presnell Advising Associate Director 828-262-2828
Nick Rudisill Academic Advisor 828-262-2511
Catherine Scantlin Academic Advisor 828-262-4088
Natalie Smith Academic Advisor 828-262-4088
Paul Stahlschmidt Academic Advisor 828-262-3873
Debbie Triplett Administrative Support 828-262-3073
Lynne Waugh Advising Director 828-262-2526
Bill Witcher Academic Advisor 828-262-3020

Civic Engagement

Name Position Phone
Brain MacHarg Director 828-262-8211

General Education

Name Position Phone
Elaine Gray E-portfolio Coordinator 828-262-2028
Kristin Hyle Assistant Director 828-262-2139
Michael Krenn Director 828-262-2028
Martha McCaughey Faculty Coordinator of First-Year Seminar 828-262-2028
Sheryl Mohn Administrative Support 828-262-2028

Learning Assistance Program

Name Position Phone
Janet Beck Student Support Services 828-262-3054
Rebekah Cummings Academic Coach 828-262-8589
Christine Dave Student Support Services - Assistant Director 828-262-8662
Cama Duke Learning Skills Services - Directot 828-262-3044
Jessica Fletcher University Tutorial Services - Director 828-262-6809
Wanda Hamilton Administrative Support 828-262-6715
Kayla Hill Academic Advisor for Athletes 828-262-7914
Heather Lippard Learning Skills Services - Assistant Directot 828-262-7917
Beth Marsh ACCESS - Director 828-262-3053
Chris Miller Academic Advisor for Athletes 828-262-2808
Jean Roberts Executive Director 828-262-8679
Katie Schacht ACCESS - Academic Advisor 828-262-8588
Stacy Sears Academic Advisor for Athletes 828-262-8699
Kim Sherrill Associate Director 828-262-4038
Cathia Silver Student Support Services - Director 828-262-3046
Joe Suiter Academic Advisor for Athletes 828-262-8587
Brent Sumler Athletic Leadership & Development Coordinator 828-262-7855
Sharon Sweeting Academic Advisor for Athletes 828-262-7628
Wes Waugh Support Services - Director 828-262-6986

Office of Student Research

Name Position Phone
Kathy Stevens Administrative Support 828-262-7655
Alan Utter Director 828-262-7668

Summer Reading Program

Name Position Phone
Colin Ramsey Director 828-262-7390

Testing Services

Name Position Phone
Merrill Hibbs Director 828-262-6801

University Documentary Film Services

Name Position Phone
Beth Davison Co-Director 828-262-6397
Tom Hansell Co-Director 828-262-7730

University Writing Center

Name Position Phone
Beth Carroll Director 828-262-8164
Tasha Mehne Administrative Support 828-262-3144
Rachel Robinson Assistant Director 828-262-7835

Writing Across the Curriculum

Name Position Phone
Sherry Alusow Hart Consultant
Dennis J. Bohr Consultant
Sheryl Mohn Administrative Support 828-262-2028
Georgia Rhoades Director 828-262-2075
Elizabeth West Consultant