About Our Trails

Students will investigate the history and different types of public lands that contain recreational trails, and learn how those trails are planned and developed. The course will examine local and global issues surrounding the planning and development of trails including implications for public use, resource impacts, and funding. We will use a variety of readings, library and web-based research, and class discussions to study these topics. In addition, visiting professionals will contribute to our discussion by providing insights on managing, maintaining, and constructing these resources and introduce students to sustainable practices that ensure their longevity. The class will also have the opportunity to visit local lands and trails to evaluate these places first hand.

NOTE: Enrollment is restricted to members of the Active Living Residential Learning Community.

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165: MW 5:00pm - 6:15pm
Fall 2021
Civic Engagement
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Active Living

Paul Stahlschmidt

Paul serves as an Academic Advisor in the University College Academic Advising and Orientation Center (AAOC). He holds two degrees from Appalachian, and before returning to his alma mater in 2003, has previously taught first-year courses at Belmont Abbey College and Pfeiffer University. With interests in recreation, outdoor leadership, and public lands, Paul uses his background in these areas with the FYS section he instructs, "About Our Trails." He has over 15 years of experience as collegiate coach in the sport of soccer, and is also an adjunct instructor in Appalachian's Physical Education Activity Program of the Department of Recreation and Physical Education (RMPE). Paul's favorite aspect of his work at Appalachian is the interaction with students on a daily basis, supporting them as they make connections and strive for excellence in college and in life. He has been nominated for the University College Award for Excellence in Student Advising and Mentoring in 2014. Paul was awarded "Outstanding Academic Advisor" for 2014-15 by Student Government Association.