Leadership In Action

This course is designed to help students explore what leadership can be like in practice through the lens of action-oriented leadership models and frameworks. Specifically, students will explore the connections between a leader's values, beliefs, and assumptions about leadership and how those perspectives influence the way they lead within groups and communities. Students will develop critical lenses to appraise and evaluate the usefulness of different theories in different contexts as well as engage deeply with the practice of self-reflection.

NOTE: Enrollment is restricted to members of the Leadership In Action Residential Learning Community and Plemmons Leadership Scholars.

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108: TR 5:00pm - 6:15pm
Fall 2021
Civic Engagement
Student Success
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Leadership In Action

Courtney Holder

Courtney Holder

From her focus in community-based learning and leadership education, Courtney believes in the power of critical reflection, collective action, and engaged citizenship. This First Year Seminar course is an exciting opportunity to engage with students as they consider who they want to be, how they want to impact the people, groups, and communities around them, and ultimately how they want to lead during their time at App State and beyond. Courtney Holder has been teaching at the university level for eleven years, including First-Year Seminar courses at the University of Tennessee and University of Maryland.

At Appalachian, she is the Associate Director for Leadership Education and Development (LEAD) and the Director of the Leadership Studies Minor within the Reich College of Education. Courtney holds a BA in Communication Studies and Master of Science degree in Higher Education Administration, both from the University of Tennessee. In addition to teaching, writing, presenting, and researching on topics about leadership and social change, she has served as a member of the Haiti Compact, the National Survey of Alternative Breaks Research team, the Executive Committee of the Leadership Educators Institute, and as a coordinator for the National Clearinghouse of Leadership Programs. Currently, Courtney serves as the Chair of the Break Away Board of Directors- a national organization focused on equipping and mobilizing young people in meaningful civic action.