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University College and Your Student

Appalachian State University has a unique area on campus that houses 18 departments and programs. This division’s programs touch almost every App State student, and yet few have heard of it. University College (UC) is that little known division and, although the average student probably does not know its name, it is the portal to a student’s academic success. It is the unsung division that not only impacts a student's academic success but influences retention and graduation rates through its numerous support services.

Students do not earn a degree from University College; it is not a degree-granting college. However, through UC's varied programs and services, each student is given the tools and knowledge needed to succeed academically, professionally, and in their personal lives. The college's support services and co-curricular programming play a pivotal role in a student's success.

Full Spectrum Education

Two high-profile units within UC are the General Education Program and First-Year Seminar. Gen. Ed. programs serve all Appalachian undergraduate students. Here is where each student obtains a liberal arts education. In Gen. Ed., students complete their foundational coursework such as English, history, and math courses. Also, Gen. Ed. sets the framework for critical and creative thinking, effective communication; making local-to-global connections; and understanding community membership responsibilities.

In line with UC's mission to prepare students for the social, economic, and personal opportunities and challenges of the twenty-first century, Gen Ed's mission and vision are to provide a rigorous liberal arts education and to empower students with the habits of mind essential for making positive contributions as engaged citizens in an interconnected world.

In First-Year Seminar, freshman and transfer students are introduced to university-level coursework in small seminar-style classes. In these academically rigorous environments, they examine broad topics and questions designed to stimulate critical thinking.

Multiple Support Services

 Unit Spotlight

The Student Learning Center services include academic consultations, academic strategy workshops, academic success courses, AS-U-R (an intensive, long-term, mentor-based student support program), LEAD chemistry tutoring, learning labs, peer academic coaching, and small group tutoring.
Each unit has a specialized role. One unit, in particular, The Student Learning Center (SLC), has a distinct mission to help students learn effectively. Through various services such as tutoring, academic strategy instruction, and executive skill development, students gain a deeper awareness of what helps them learn and succeed. SLC’s staff work diligently to form trusting relationships and have a genuine interest in and a special regard for each student.

Co-curricular and Other UC Affiliate Units

Academic Civic Engagement, the Common Reading Program, and the University Forum Lecture Series provide learning opportunities outside of the traditional academic setting. Opportunities to volunteer, share in a campus-wide reading program, and experience programming through lectures, film, and seminars contribute to the App State experience.

University College Builds Community

University College provides a broad range of academic and co-curricular services to help students achieve the essential learning outcomes of a liberal education. Additionally, UC helps new students transition into the Appalachian community. It provides an environment where students, faculty, and staff can develop, experience, and disseminate engaged and successful learning practices.

Please encourage your student(s) to learn more about University College, its programs, and services. For more information about University College, visit

Edited by Terri Lockwood

University College
Published: Mar 10, 2021 8:28pm