Human Relationships With Animals

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Who Let the Dogs Out? Understanding the Human Relationship with Animals

This course is designed to encourage students to think about how and why animals play an important role in our lives. We will consider the complexities of our interactions with animals, which range from using animals as resources to improving our mental and physical wellbeing.
Students will explore the role of animals in society and how culture and context shape the ways animals are integrated within families, schools, economy, legal system, and other social institutions. A major focus will be on the meaning of animals in U.S. culture and the impact of
the human-animal bond on wider societal issues. Through dialogue and writing, students will identify their own perspectives on nonhuman animals and our relationships to them. Students will gain a deeper understanding of the power and the fragility of the human-animal bond and how we can enhance the positive aspects to benefit the lives of animals and our fellow humans.

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182: online with no required meeting time
Fall 2022
Global Issues