Academic Services for Student Athletes provides a comprehensive range of academic advising, personal support, and eligibility oversight for student athletes at Appalachian. Our professional staff works closely with the individual students, teams and coaches of all established varsity sports programs at our University.

Values & Purpose

Appalachian values academic excellence as well as athletic achievements and insists that individuals are students first and athletes second. Academic Services for Student Athletes helps students prioritize academics by providing this comprehensive support system throughout the student athlete's college career. These services, offered to all our intercollegiate student athletes, are listed below.

Highlights of ASA Services

  • An Athletic Academic Advisor is assigned to provide individualized attention to student-athletes on each team;
  • Athletic Academic Advisor provide assistance on issues of academic eligibility and procedures in compliance with NCAA, Sun- Belt, and Appalachian State University academic standards and policies;
  • Athletic Academic Advisor collaborate with College Academic Advisors to provide accurate, academic information and planning related to a student’s college progress and degree program;
  • Priority scheduling allows student-athletes to schedule classes that accommodate their practice and training commitments;
  • Learning Specialists and mentors provide intensive academic skill-building and monitoring of student progress;
  • The Study Table and Free tutoring Programs provide student-athletes with a quiet place for studying and computer lab use, as well as access to one-on-one tutoring for many academic subjects;
  • The Student-Athlete Development Program provides student-athletes opportunities to further enhance their experience and growth, personally and professionally, through classes, workshops, community service, and leadership opportunities.