External Funding

External Funding in University College


Unit Contact

General Education

Paulette Marty

Academic Advising

Lynne Waugh


Nikki Crees

University Writing Center

Beth Carroll

Writing Across the Curriculum

Georgia Rhoades

University Testing Center

Merrill Hibbs

Learning Assistance Program

Jean Roberts

Office of Student Research

Alan Utter

Civic Engagement

Clark Maddux

Summer Reading

Colin Ramsey

University Forum Lecture Series

Howie Neufeld

University Documentary Film Services

Tom Hansell and Beth Davison


  • All budgets receive final review from Dr. Mark Ginn (ginnmc@appstate.edu, 828-262-7660).
  • All External Funding correspondence, proposals and appendages should be sent to David Taylor, taylordc@appstate.edu.
  • All outright, in kind and planned giving (including cultivation activities) inquiries and activities should be directed to David Taylor and Mike Mayfield.


University College External Funding Funding Basics

  • CFP = Call for Proposals
  • RFP = Request for Proposal
  • ORSP = Office of Research and Sponsored Programs
  • IPF = Internal Processing Form
  • IRB = Institutional Review Board (Human Subjects)
  • IACUC = Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee