Art/Science of Fly Fishing, The

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The Art and Science of Fly Fishing

This First Year Seminar class is intended for university students with an interest in rivers, fish, and conservation. It is a multi-disciplinary class where students examine Fly Fishing from a number of different disciplines and perspectives. The Art of Fly Fishing is the actual art of fishing the river which has been expressed in literature and the visual arts. The science is the biology and ecology of river systems. These systems are delicate and at risk. The Art and Science of Fly Fishing for Trout is a skill that requires a detailed understanding of freshwater ecology. As students learn the technical aspects of fly casting, fly tying, and fly presentation, they will also be learning to identify and replicate insects during specific phases of their lifecycles. Students will also learn how human interventions within the ecosystem can harm—or benefit—trout. Students will learn about stream ecology and how to help restore damaged streams. The course will have two trips to the river, during which students will determine which insects the trout are eating, tie flies to replicate those insects, and present those flies effectively to trout. Freshwater entomology and stream ecology: Students will be able to articulate the lifecycles of key insects, stream ecology concepts, and habitat needs of trout. Students who complete the class will have the skills to catch trout on a fly rod, explain the ecological concepts that affect fish, and identify threats and improvements to our local watersheds.

NOTE: Enrollment is restricted to Veterans.

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122: MW 2:00pm-3:15pm
Fall 2024

Kurt Steinbaugh

Kurt Steinbaugh

Kurt Steinbaugh has an undergraduate degrees in Psychology and Sociology from the State University of New York at Buffalo and a graduate degree in Counseling Psychology from the University of West Florida and a graduate degree In Professional School Counseling from Appalachian State University. Kurt has Directed Therapeutic Wilderness Camps and been an Outdoor experiential educator for over 35 years. He is a Professional Raft Guide, Mountain Guide and a Ski and Snowboard Tech. Kurt is a passionate Fly fisherman and a member of Trout Unlimited. When not otherwise engaged he can be found on one of our Mountain streams with rod in hand. Last summer he had the opportunity to participate in the Rescue of "Noli Bear" a 14.5 lb. Black Bear who was rescued from the River in TN.

Currently, he is a licensed professional counselor and coordinates Alternative programs for Avery County schools in Newland , North Carolina . He lives in Linville, 1.8 miles from mile-marker 310 on the Blue-Ridge Parkway. In the Fall of 2016 Kurt will be teaching a series of Gen Ed Seminar classes, entitled "Into the Wild" and "the Art and Science of Fly Fishing" at Appalachian State University.