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All students who enter Appalachian State University are required to take First Year Seminar. This course is meant to introduce students to the rigor of academic study at the University level through interdisciplinary engagement with a variety of disciplines and perspectives, the foundation of the university's General Education program. Students come away from the course with a more sophisticated sense of research and stronger connection to faculty, the university, and often the Boone community.

If you took a First Year Seminar course at another institution which you believe to be equivalent to UCO 1200, please submit the catalog description and syllabus to Kristin Hyle at To be considered courses should:

  1. Be at least 3 semester hours
  2. Be interdisciplinary in nature: not an introduction to a particular discipline, major, or university life
  3. Incorporate a variety of teaching styles
  4. Require a significant research component for the first year

Students who have earned an AA or AS or completed the 44 hour Core through a North Carolina community college are exempt from all requirements of the General Education program, including First Year Seminar. The Office of General Education has reviewed courses from several other schools to determine if they are equivalent to our course UCO 1200.


Selection of courses

As a required course in our General Education Model, First Year Seminar offers an exciting opportunity for students to think critically, communicate effectively and become a member of a small community of learners. To select a course, students should take a look at the list of courses under the courses tab above. While perusing the courses you can approach choosing in two different ways. You can choose a course that is directly related to your interests and possibly your major or choose something that is different and unfamiliar to you. If all else fails choose something that just sounds "cool." You can never go wrong following your passion.

Programs affiliated with First Year Seminar

All First Year Seminar courses use the Common Reading text to establish a common experience among first year and transfer students.

First Year Seminar takes seriously the University's mission to offer students a transformational learning experience. For that reason we partner with the many groups and organizations on campus that bring students opportunities for engaged learning, travel, service-learning, leadership, research, community involvement, and holistic well-being. A FYS course might therefore link to events in one more more specific engagement areas, and a FYS instructor might have students sign up for information about campus events and learning opportunities through Engage.