Climate Response & Responsibily

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Climate Response & Responsibility

As climate change has accelerated to the level of global emergency, students all over the world are asking important questions about the future and how we can secure a just and livable climate. This course is a cross-disciplinary look at the many solutions we can implement to reduce the harms of climate change, both through climate mitigation and adaptation. Students will practice envisioning and evaluating climate responses from the perspectives of effectiveness and justice, and will consider applications of various climate solutions within our region. The course will use a "flipped classroom" model, meeting once a week in person (Tuesdays) for discussions and activities, and the remaining meeting will be done asynchronously online through video modules from the University of California System’s Bending the Curve project.

NOTE:  This course is offered as a hybrid with in-person required meeting times as stated and online component as asynchronous (no required meeting time).

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153: T 11:00am-12:15pm - hybrid
Spring 2024
Global Issues

Marta Toran

Marta Toran

Marta Toran is the Outreach Coordinator for the Department of Geological and Environmental Sciences. She develops and facilitates science programs for K-12 students and their teachers both on campus and at their school. She is also an adjunct instructor in the Biology Department where she has taught aspiring middle and high school science teachers in the Secondary Science Education Program. Marta studied zoology at the University of New Hampshire and worked in marine laboratories before she headed to the UK to complete her science teaching degree at Oxford University. After teaching science and Spanish in middle and high schools in both the UK and the US, she went on to get a Masters of Science in science education at Montana State University. Marta's interest in outreach stems from a conviction that sharing the passion scientists feel towards their research with school students and their teachers will not only inspire the next generation of scientists, but will also help students become responsible citizens of the world.