Voting Rights

Since the inception of this Republic, voting has been the uniform system of who we elect to lead and serve, our nation, our states, and every aspect of government even on the local level. However, the system of voting itself has and continues to take on many iterations from who can vote, who does one really elect, and in what capacity does this voting occur. From the historical perspective of voting rights in the United States to current legislation or court cases that affect or could affect voting rights today this class will be an interdisciplinary approach of studying voting rights through a combination of theory, text, and supplemental articles. Though this class does lay the foundation and paint the current landscape of voting rights it is meant to challenge one's critical thinking about many of the voting rights issues that have been debated throughout this nation's history. 

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104: TR 12:30pm-1:45pm
114: TR 11:00am-12:15pm
Fall 2024
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Jeffrey Coats

Jeffrey H. Coats

Dr. Jeffrey H Coats is a native of the Gulf Coast. He began his interest in a teaching college student at Auburn University; he credits the opportunities that were available to him and the mentorship on that campus for the person he is today. Dr. Coats is a student advocate at heart and has dedicated his career to engaging students and fostering an environment of holistic learning. Dr. Coats has been a professor on the undergraduate and graduate level for the past 25 years having taught at First Year Seminar and Leadership courses at Auburn University, Bowling Green University, and for the past 7 years at Appalachian State University.

He views his role as a professor and teacher to help students critically think for themselves. He loves teaching undergraduate students, particularly first-year students and loves the enthusiasm first-year and undergraduate students bring to campus. His passion is helping students grow and/or develop their critical thinking skills and grow holistically through an academic perspective.

Outside of the classroom, Dr. Coats is a researcher and often blends the curriculum in his classes with his published works. Dr. Coats always has one if not multiple research projects going on at the same time. He also loves to share his knowledge and life experiences with his students.

He is a consultant on a wide variety of leadership, business, and higher education topics. He is also a member of several national professional academic associations where he served on the National Association of Campus Activities Education Advisory Committee. Dr. Coats served as the Faculty/Chapter Advisor for a National Fraternity chapter at Auburn University for several years where he was awarded Chapter Advisor of the Year. He has also led numerous leadership retreats with students across the country.

In addition, to being a Professor, Dr. Coats has served as an Associate Provost and Dean of Students at multiple institutions, but his passion lies within the classroom.

Before entering a career in higher education, Dr. Coats worked for two different Governors, one Governor from each major party. He also worked on Capitol Hill.

In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his wife, Dr. Rebecca Coats, and their dogs hiking the beautiful Appalachians. Drs. Coats also loves to travel, read, and spend time with their nephew and niece as often as possible.