Young Americans

From the Lost Generation through Generation Y, this course will chronologically cover youth culture in modern America. Students will study the adolescent behaviors, styles, and values of a variety of generations and subcultures in order to gain an understanding of the teenagers' expressions of identity as well as the impact left on the mainstream adult culture. We will consider novels, short stories, films, historical documents, and articles concerning the subject or representation of children and teenagers growing up in the United States of America during the 20th and early 21st centuries.

Throughout the course we will be covering a wide range of topics in youth culture and, we will strive to understand the issues from the perspectives of the young Americans. Students will be expected to complete a variety of writing assignments responding to assigned texts, as well as engage in discussions on the materials.

NOTE: This course is offered 100% online with no required meeting time.

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139: TBA -offered 100% online/asynchronous
192: TBA- offered 100% online/asynchronous
303: TBA- Online NOTE: this course is only available to App State Online students
304: TBA- Online NOTE: this course is only available to App State Online students
Fall 2024
The Arts

Kirsten Clemens

KC Clemens focuses her research on Youth Culture, Children's and Young Adult Films and Literature, Global Kids, Generational Theory, Latina/o Literature, and Popular Culture. She has taught courses in film, writing, and culture at ASU since 2010. Within the First Year Seminar program, she has designed and taught a course called "Young Americans" which focuses on 100 years of youth culture and utilizes films, articles, historical documents, graphic novels, and stories.

In her free time she enjoys going to museums, aquariums, galleries, and historical sites. She is currently saving up to go to the Harry Potter Exhibition at the Warner Bros Studio in London. Formerly, she has cared for severely special needs dogs (with liver, kidney, bladder, and seizure issues), but is now taking a break. She is still part of a Global community that raises awareness about pets with chronic diseases.