Information Disorder

Welcome to Information Disorder. In this course, we will explore how information disorder and the more particular phenomenon of fake news are social problems. We will use a sociological lens to analyze the modern information environment; broadly, to understand what we determine to be the “truth”—and specifically to examine the interplay of social reality, information, and the public good. A central theme that we will encounter throughout the course is the relationship between information, democracy, and capitalism. This will include examination of the role of information technology and other social forces in the current post-truth polarized era.

 The ultimate goal of this course is to develop our capacity to be informed and engaged citizens who are lifelong learners and members of an engaged public. Through a sociological discussion of fake news and information disorder, we will improve our ability to be informed and knowledgeable; to navigate the available information in order to reach an understanding of current events and how our society works.

 As a result of taking this course, you will be able to:

• Analyze the role of information and information technology in a democratic society

• Recognize bias in information creators, interpreters, and processes of dissemination

• Reflect on personal information behaviors and current awareness strategies, and how they are shaped by social contexts

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157: MW 5:00pm-6:15pm
Spring 2024
Global Issues

Mollie Peuler

Mollie Peuler

Mollie Peuler is new to teaching First Year Seminar and is excited for the opportunity to learn with students on topics related to information disorder. She works in the University Libraries as an eLearning librarian and is responsible for designing online teaching and learning content as well as providing research and information literacy assistance to faculty, students, and staff. As a first-generation college student herself, Mollie is committed to a collaborative educational journey, where the classroom becomes a dynamic space where each student's voice is heard and valued.

Outside of the classroom, Mollie enjoys sewing, running, reading, and getting outside with her family as much as possible.