Business of Bldg Better World

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Business of Building a Better World

Poverty, pollution, inequality, deforestation, global warming, hunger... The world as we know it is in trouble. Can business be part of the solution, instead of the problem? We believe it can! This course will introduce you to the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), adopted by all UN member states in 2015 to "end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity by 2030," and discuss the ways in which companies, corporations, visionary entrepreneurs, and, yes, even you, can contribute to meeting these goals.

NOTE: This course will be team taught by Meredith Pipes (Primary), Rahat Panwar, and Jacqueline Tilton.

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140: MW 9:30 am - 10:45 am
Fall 2022
Global Issues
Civic Engagement

Meredith Pipes

Meredith Pipes

I am a Boone native and an '01 Appstate alumna with a love for these mountains in particular and natural places everywhere. I am the Global and Civic Engagement Specialist for the Walker College of Business, a role I've held since 2010. In this role, I promote international opportunities, work with the Inclusive Excellence committee on diversity initiatives and serve as a sustainability champion for the college. In addition to my other duties, I have led or co-led study abroad programs to Costa Rica, Malawi, Mexico, Turkey, Brazil, France and Cuba. I was an adjunct instructor of Spanish at Appalachian State University before joining the College of Business and taught Spanish and Latin American Studies at the University of Kansas. I have worked in Honduras and Spain and studied in Uruguay, Brazil and Mexico. My experiences abroad have profoundly shaped my understanding of the world and I love seeing students broaden their perspectives through interactions with new ideas, new places and people different from themselves. I earned a Master's degree in Latin America Studies from the University of Kansas. I am mother to two daughters, married to a husband who teaches entrepreneurship here at Appstate and the caretaker of a cat, a dog, and 18 chickens.