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Building Communities: Intercultural Competence and You

This course explores global perspectives as you consider your future life in our increasingly diverse society and world. Together, we will develop intercultural competence. We'll start by looking at your new campus home and understanding the "culture" of university life. From there, you'll interact deeply with four connected faculty, who are our windows into other parts of the world. Intercultural competence is broad and deep. It encourages us to consider a diversity of thought and experience through many lenses: cultural studies, sociological frameworks, the arts and humanities, and language and its role in society. Class activities, readings, and discussions will vary. All faculty will share aspects of lived culture and engage you in exploring cultural products (folk tales, film, art, other media) and the perspectives they reflect. We'll also engage with others abroad via a virtual exchange and enjoy international food together.

NOTE: Enrollment is restricted to members of the Languages & Cultures Residential Learning Community.

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197: TBA
Fall 2023
Global Issues
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Languages & Cultures