Meaning of Work, The

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The Meaning of Work

What is work? What is its purpose? Work to live or live to work? Does work have to be paid? This course will explore how people find meaning and purpose in their work from a historical, political, societal and cultural lens. Students will explore how work has evolved throughout generations and the assumptions and stereotypes formed about various industries and means of making a living by reading and processing case studies and literature on the history and meaning of work and engaging in a semester-long research project. Students will also be exposed to various perspectives on values driven work and how people find their "why" through guest lectures.

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144: TR 2:00 pm - 3:15 pm
Fall 2022
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Michelle Brown

Michelle Brown

Michelle Brown has a MA in College Student Development and BSBA in Health Care Management from Appalachian State University. Past experiences have included Assistant Director, Career Exploration in the Career Development Center  here at ASU, Assistant Director/Career Counselor for College of Arts and Sciences, ASU and Career Counselor, Public Service and Environmental Careers, ASU. Additionally, Michelle taught Introduction to Nonprofit Management in the Interdisciplinary Studies department at ASU and Life and Career Planning courses in the Human Development and Psychological Counseling Department.  When not working, Michelle enjoys spending time with her family at numerous sporting events, baking, hiking with her dog Smokie, reading, gardening and occasionally binge watching Netflix shows.