Power, Privilege, and Action

This course in particular will examine social identities, mechanisms of privilege and power, and examine action steps to leverage allyship and activism to enact positive social change. This course will ask students of all social identities to examine their own power and the role they have played in societal systems of inequality. This class will, at times, push your comfort zone, and challenge you to examine your day to day interactions and the world around you through a new lens. By the end of the course, you’ll be able to critically question issues of race, gender, class, and more with the skills needed to take action if desired.

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110: MW 5:00-6:15pm
173: MW 6:30-7:45pm
Fall 2023
Civic Engagement

Hannah Finkelstein

Hannah Finkelstein

Hannah Finkelstein is a graduate of two North Carolina institutions of higher education. She matches her teaching skills from her Middle School Education degree from Barton College with her passion for social justice and higher education fostered during her masters program in Higher Education Administration at North Carolina State University. Currently, Hannah serves as the Director of Conduct and Citizenship at Lees-McRae College. She is eager for this opportunity to continue engaging students in dialogue about complex social issues with an emphasis on enacting positive and equitable change.

In her time outside the classroom, Hannah enjoys fiber-work, playing Dungeons and Dragons, and longs walks with her cuddly Great Pyrenees, Moose.