Victims in the Digital Age

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Victims and Offenders in the Digital Age

Think about your everyday life; there is a good chance you indulge in some capacity with the digital realm of society. Whether scrolling through Instagram, Tik Tok, or the News, we encounter digital platforms every day. You may have heard of cyberbullying, devious licks, white woman syndrome, revenge porn, sexual exploitation, or many other terms commonplace within the digital age. In this course we will discover and analyze the perceptions of victims and offenders created within these new media forms. In exploring some of these behaviors and concepts we will gain a better sense of the diversity of deviance possible within society. More specifically, we will discover how new media forms may help create, maintain, and perpetuate ideas around deviance, and enable new forms of deviance in a quickly changing world.

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Fall 2023
Global Issues

Leslie Cuddy

Leslie Cuddy received her Master of Arts in Sociology with a concentration in Criminology at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. During her time at UNCG she studied what people in the piedmont triad were doing to mitigate the lethal impact of the opioid epidemic. Her primary areas of interest are within the Criminal Justice System – specifically, punishment and rehabilitation, carceral institutions, crimes of the powerful, and criminal justice processes. When not in the classroom, Leslie enjoys discovering craft breweries with her husband and snuggling with her fur child, Dingo.