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The General Education Program is faculty-designed and faculty-governed. The General Education Council approves all courses included in the curriculum and guides program assessment. For more information about the proposal process and proposal forms, assessment, thematic integration, or other faculty-related issues, please use the menus on the left.

Renew a Class

A rolling four-year renewal process for all General Education courses establishes a systematic method for departments to confirm or modify the goals and student learning outcomes of the courses they contribute to the General Education Program. Assessment of the courses will be performed at the program level and is no longer a part of the course renewal process. It should be noted however that classes randomly selected to participate in each year's General Education Program level assessment by providing artifacts of student work are chosen based on these goals and learning outcomes. Each department will complete a Form D for each individual course during the academic year that course is due for renewal. These forms will be automatically submitted to the General Education Office and then reviewed by the appropriate Faculty Coordinating Committees before moving to consideration by the General Education Council. The following documents and information are designed to help guide you through the process:

  • Cohort Spreadsheet - This spreadsheet will help you to determine which cohort contains your particular course/courses as well as the academic year that each cohort and the classes within it are scheduled for renewal.
  • Cohort Timeline – Course renewals for Cohort 2 (Academic year 2021-22) are due by noon Friday, November 19, 2021.
  • Form D - This Qualtrics form is required for each course undergoing renewal and also requires the submission of a syllabus for that course being renewed.
  • General Education Components and Requirements - This information summarizes the requirements for each of the General Education Curricular Components as well as Designation requirements.
  • General Education Dashboard - This dashboard will help you to determine which General Education Program Goals as well as attributes such as Component and Designation a class meets.

Propose a Class

Proposals for classes to count towards General Education require the submission of completed Forms Part A, Part B and Part C to the home College of the proposed course. All course proposals for the Liberal Studies Experience and Integrative Learning Experience should address the following questions:

  1. Does the course clearly and specifically meet at least one General Education goal from the following list: a) Thinking Critically and Creatively; b) Communicating Effectively; c) Making Local to Global Connections; d) Understanding the Responsibilities of Community Membership?
  2. Does the course clearly identify at least two appropriate learning outcomes and link those outcomes to at least one of the learning goals listed above?
  3. Does the course proposal articulate clear and effective methods to assess whether or not the course produces the identified outcomes?
  4. Does the course explore the disciplinary subject in a way that addresses the broader human experience or offers knowledge, skills, or habits of mind for purposes broader than the explicit disciplinary purpose (i.e., for non-majors)?
  5. If the course is being proposed for an ILE theme, is there at least one shared learning outcome that is common to all of the other courses in that theme?
  6. If the course is being proposed for an ILE theme, is there a clear explanation of the methods that will be employed to fully integrate the course into the theme?

Proposal Process

Find information on Course Proposal Development and the Forms that a required for this process on the Academic Policies and Procedures website


Department/Program, Curriculum Committee and/or Department/Program Faculty


College Curriculum Committee and College Council

  • Submit Forms: Part A and Part B to AP&P
  • Sumbit Form C to General Education

General Education

  • Faculty Coordinating Committee and General Education Council
  • Send Memo to to AP&P