General Education Leadership

Dr. Ted Zerucha
Assistant Vice Provost, General and Experiential Education
218 Howard Street Hall
Dr. Rick Klima
Director, First Year Seminar
215 Howard Street Hall
Kristin Hyle
Assistant Director, General Education
217 Howard Street Hall
Jane Green
Office Manager
216 Howard Street Hall

General Education Council

The General Education Council is responsible for providing vision for the general education program. Members review and approve general education themes, courses, and policies that are referred by the Faculty Coordinating Committees and submit their approvals to the Academic Policies and Procedures Committee. The Council also guides assessment of the General Education Program. Meetings are open to the entire campus community.

Faculty Coordinating Committees

Each component of the General Education curriculum has a corresponding Faculty Coordinating Committee (FCC) that considers proposals for new courses to be added to the component. When the FCC approves a course proposal, it is forwarded on to the General Education Council, which considers the proposal for final approval of General Education credit. The FCCs also make recommendations to the General Education Council regarding proposed policy changes that are related to their component. Members of each FCC have disciplinary expertise in their committee's curricular area. Committees consist of three to five faculty members and no single department is to have a majority of members on any FCC. Chairs of each committee are elected by the membership of the committee and serve as the committee's voting representative on the General Education Council. Members are appointed for three year staggered terms by the Faculty Senate.